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Hosting Requirements

  • Cell Phone Number Linked to Account
  • Timezone Set

Form is disabled, Your must to host a tournament.

You can link a cell phone number to your account and set your timezone on the . Be warned, hosts who are not fair or do not follow the site's rules will be permanently banned. Your cell number may only be linked to one account.

Try to avoid putting the game name in the title.

Rules & Regulations

What you see below is just a sample to help you set up and format your tournament's details. See preview below for how formatting affects the way your tournament's rules will appear once set (preview updates as you edit).

Rules and regulations here may not supersede sitewide rules.

Match Procedure

All Users are asked for their in-game user name when they enter. It is automatically displayed to their opponents in the match details. No need to ask for it in the match procedure.

What you see below is just a sample to help you set up and format your match procedure. See preview below (preview updates as you edit).

Start Time & Tournament Type

Additional Information

  • As host it is your responsibility to resolve match disputes fairly.
  • Hosts are not allowed to compete in their own tournaments.
  • The tournament must reach 75% capacity before start time otherwise the tournament will be canceled.

Hosting Tools

  • As host you have the ability to override the winner of individual matches.
  • To manage a match simply click on the match in the brackets view to see it's details and options as host.
  • Once a pay-to-enter tournament completes the winnings are locked for 24 hours so players have a chance to file a dispute if needed. Hosts that do not manage tournaments and matches fairly risk suspension. Repeated offences will result in a permanent ban.