Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions
Tourney Ninja is a platform for gamers to host and compete in online video game tournaments.
  1. As a host. Organize and manage a tournament and get paid to do it. Hosts take a 15% cut of the entry fee pool.
  2. As a competitor. Participate in tournaments that range from casual to professional. Hone your tournament play. To the victor go the spoils.
  1. Free to enter: Any user can enter these tournaments at no cost.
  2. Pay To Enter: Users must spend Tourney Tokens to enter a pay to enter tournament. The host, 1st place, and 2nd place are all awarded Ninja Tokens upon tournament completion. The host sets the 1st and 2nd place award rate when creating a tournament.
  3. Sponsored: The tournament is being hosted by a Tourney Ninja Administrator. Sponsored tournaments have fixed awards regardless of the number of teams that end up playing.
Tourney Tokens are purchased and are required to participate in pay to enter tournaments. Tourney Tokens can also be sent from one user to another.
Tourney Tokens can be sent to other users by going to their profile page and clicking the button at the top of the page to send tokens. User profiles are located at:<username>
Ninja Tokens are awarded when hosting or placing 1st or 2nd in a tournament. Ninja tokens can be for cash, or back into additional Tourney Tokens with a 15% bonus.
To be eligible to host a tournament a user must complete two things in their .
  1. Set their timezone.
  2. Verify their account via SMS.
Once you have done those things go to the Host a Tournament page and fill out all fields and follow all directions.
Once the tournament starts brackets will be generated for the tournament. To manage a match simply click on a match and the match's details will pop up. Options for the host will be visible in this view.
When you are viewing a tournament go to the Details tab, on that page there will be a button to join the tournament or, for team tournaments, to create a team. If a friend has given you a team join code enter it in the input to join an existing team.
When you are viewing a tournament go to the Details tab, on that page there will be a button to leave the tournament.
As long as you don't check-in your entry fee will be refunded in full, no matter the reason you didn't end up competing. If you check-in and a tournament is later canceled you will also have your entry fee refunded in full.
Once a tournament has started you will see your bracket highlighted in green on the brackets tab. Simply click your match to view details about that match. Because it is your match you will also see tools to interact with the match. Buttons to report a win or a loss, a button to upload a file, and an input box to write comments. All of the match activity ie reports, files, and comments can be seen when viewing a match.
From between when a tournament starts, and 24 hours after it completes, users can if you believe the host was unfair, or if other players did not conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. All disputes are reviewed by administrators. If a host or player gets too many valid complaints against them they risk being suspended or permanently banned.
  • Tournament Created: Anyone can join/create a team if there are entry spots available.
  • 30 Minutes before tournament scheduled start time: Tournament goes into check-in phase. Teams that have already entered can now check-in. Emails and sms notifications are sent out to players/teams who have entered. If the tournament is not full additional players/teams may enter and will automatically be checked-in. A bracket will not be generated unless the minimum number of players has checked-in for their team. If you would like to enable text message notifications when your tournaments go in to check-in phase you can do so on the .
  • 10 Minutes before tournament scheduled start time: Tournament goes into open-enrollment phase. Anyone who entered but did not check-in is now at risk for losing their spot. Anyone can enter the tournament during this phase if check-in spots are still available. Entries made during this phase are automatically checked-in.
  • Tournament starts: Brackets generated and matches begin. Tournament progresses until a winner is declared.
Tournament Awards
Since we allow users to host tournaments we always run the risk of people behaving dishonestly. We try to prevent this by requiring users to register a cell phone number to their account to host or play in pay-to-enter tournaments. Despite that issues will still arise, we still need to ensure we protect all users at all times. To do that we lock tournament awards for 24 hours after a tournament has completed. This gives time to any user in a tournament to file a dispute and have it resolved. 24 hours after a tournament completes all dispute will have been resolved. It is at this time that we release the funds to the host, 1st, and 2nd place.